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Chapter 10– Costing-Out Aquarium Set-up:
We’ve created a detailed list of components and costs from which you will derive your final proposal price. A sample cost sheet is included in the Aquatech Business Plan. This will also allow you to add your mark-up (profit) directly into your selling price.

Chapter 11– Selecting Equipment:
Proper equipment selection requires many considerations. For example, you should consider the products efficiency, reliability, serviceability as well as the health and well being of the specific species of animal you wish to keep in each aquatic environment. This chapter goes into greater detail regarding proper equipment selection.

Chapter 12– Installation and Set-up:
Now is your time to shine…..Time to show off your professionalism and perform your new installation. We’ve included our 16-point installation checklist for you to perform a neat, organized, efficient and professional installation.

Chapter 13– Aquascaping:
Aquascaping is probably one of the most noticeable aspects of the entire aquarium set-up. The Aquatech Business Plan covers all the different aspects of tropical fresh water, marine saltwater “fish-only” tanks and marine “coral reef” tanks and the related maintenance requirements of each type.

Chapter 14– Enrollment Kits:
Now that your new clients’ tank is installed, it’s time to enroll them into your regularly scheduled maintenance program. We’ll show you how to send out a very professional, inexpensive and easy to prepare enrollment kit. Once again, this will convey a serious, professional image of you and your business.

Chapter 15– New Customer:
After you’ve sent out the enrollment kit and received a signed contract with the first payment,·you officially have a new maintenance customer!!·Organizational skills now play an important role in the future success of your business. The Business Plan includes recommended procedures making your office function smoothly and efficiently.·Less time·doing paperwork means·more time·to focus on your customers’ aquarium maintenance needs.

Chapter 16– Aquarium Maintenance:
We are in the SERVICE business. Your clients will be paying you for your knowledge, professionalism, timely service and respect to both the fish and clientele. This section addresses awareness and perspective regarding both your abilities and the quality of each and every service call you perform.

Chapter 17– Routine Maintenance Equipment:
Every service call will require certain maintenance equipment. If you already have a tank at home, you’ve probably already got enough basic materials to start servicing aquariums. Some other jobs, like larger tanks or tanks in hard to access areas, like the 33rd·floor of a hi-rise, may require additional equipment. Only purchase specialized equipment on an as-needed basis. For example, buy what you need as you acquire jobs which require such equipment. We’ll provide you a list of equipment we use on all of our trucks and explanations of their respective uses.

Chapter 18– The Service Call and Maintenance Checklist:
To reduce and/or eliminate the unexpected, we’ve developed a 30 point service checklist and tracking system for every service call you perform. You may not immediately recognize the importance of this, but once you start servicing 50, 100 or 200 clients per month, there is virtually no way for anyone to remember every detail of what your customer said or requested for their next service visit. Tracking and making some brief notes at every service call are very important techniques for long-term success and the satisfaction of each and every client.

Chapter 19– Conclusion:
Time to get started and go clean some fish tanks!!!

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