Welcome To A World Of Beauty and Tranquility.

Welcome to the world of tropical fish.

Everybody loves a clean fish tank…..but, not everybody likes to clean their own aquarium. Applying your tropical fish knowledge with our business plan is an excellent way to turn your hobby into a fun & profitable business opportunity.

By cleaning only 10 fish tanks per week……with our plan, you can earn over $50,000.00/year, working PART-TIME!!

Our comprehensive, easy to follow business plan is based upon our vast tropical fish experience. Our plan will save you countless hours & dollars when it comes to the successful start-up and/or expansion of your very own aquarium maintenance service business.

If you can clean a fish tank, you can make a lot of money!!

The aquarium maintenance industry is·booming!! Now is a great time to get started! Did you know, Aquarium Maintenance Companies get paid anywhere from $50.00/hr. to $100.00/hr. or more!!

Whether you are just starting-out, or already servicing some aquariums, the Aquatech Business Plan will jump-start your business quickly, easily and economically.

Why choose the Aquatech Tropical Fish Business Plan?

Over 60,000 tanks delivered, installed, moved, and/or maintained by Aquatech Tropical Fish Environments, Inc. for commercial, residential and retail clients since our inception.

Aquatech, established in 1993, started out with one (1) residential aquarium maintenance account, and has grown to over 300 service calls per month with several trucks on the road daily. WE know the aquarium maintenance business – WE are experienced – from the ground up – WE’VE proven our plan – year after year!

We will teach you our aquarium maintenance secrets we’ve learned that the pet shops don’t want you to know!

We will also show you our secrets to starting, growing and managing your aquarium maintenance business for maximum return and profitability along with a very professional image.

Your business can earn from $50.00/hr. to $100.00/hr. or more by professionally cleaning and maintaining tropical fish aquariums.

This is an excellent part-time or full-time opportunity which can easily be operated from your home.

You’ll be using our proven techniques, secrets and materials provided to avoid the common pitfalls experienced by many new start-up businesses. You will greatly benefit by using our original, successful business plan, included in the Aquatech Business Plan Package.

Our annual bank deposits have been over $325,000.00 per year!! Even in a slowing economy, our business continues to grow. We’re constantly signing up new customers for our maintenance services. Clients will always need your professional help with their tropical fish aquariums.

We not only wrote the book·– we’ve become the largest, most professional aquarium maintenance company in the entire·Delaware·Valley, serving our tri-state area of PA, NJ and DE. We maintain over 300 tropical fish tanks per month on a full-time basis, all day, everyday.·Do not buy a business plan from anyone who does not own, maintain and run a full-time business of their own.·Some people try to write how-to books on what they think they know, and not on actual real-life experiences.

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"Roy has truly been willing to help out with any aspect of the business or technical problems that we may have encountered while venturing into this field. Roy's methods, included in their manual, have been proven effective with his own company, Aquatech."


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