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Chapter 1 - Welcome:
Welcome to the Professional Aquatech Aquarium Maintenance Plan.

Chapter 2– Your Business Plan:
When entering any new business venture, a well designed business plan is essential. The business plan will be the foundation your company will be built upon, and must be well defined in order to start, grow and manage your business. Simply put, if you don’t·‘PLAN FOR SUCCESS’…..you will fail.

Chapter 3– Lets Talk Money:
Aquarium maintenance businesses use a variety of formulas to charge customers for their services…..we’ll give you a comparison of each method and tell you which one we chose and why. Included in our package is detailed financial information and a sample profit-and-loss statement with complete explanations of each amount shown and how it was derived. We’ll show you how working part-time, cleaning only 10 tanks per week, can provide you a gross income over $50,000.00/year.

Chapter 4– Setting Up The Business:
This chapter is dedicated to the essential elements associated with your new business start-up. Including Business Licenses & Permits, Business Checking Account, Business Insurance, Telecommunications, Company Logo, Filing and Scheduling Systems, Transportation and if space permits – Holding Tanks for fish.

Chapter 5– Advertising:
Advertising is not a business expense…..it’s an investment!·Successful advertising will greatly impact the start-up and growth of your business. In many cases, the most effective advertising may be the LEAST expensive form of advertising. We’ll show you what works best for us.··

Chapter 6– Marketing and Image Enhancement:
Effective marketing is neither complicated nor expensive. You will be able to create the professional image you want every client to identify with your business. Show your customers you are serious about your company and give them the confidence to give you their business. Learn how to project a “BIG” business image on a small budget. Find out how we use customer testimonials to increase new business.

Chapter 7– What To Do When The Phone Starts Ringing:
Now it’s time to “SELL!” Prospects are calling you and you need to be prepared. The difference between success and failure is “Salesmanship.” We’ve outlined our complete, yet simple, “Sales Cycle” breakdown for you to use for each and every sales call you receive. The ultimate goal here is to make an appointment for an on-site sales call and/or “Close-the-Deal!”

Chapter 8– The Sales Call:
Going on a sales call and personally meeting with your prospective client is your opportunity to establish confidence and start a mutually rewarding business relationship right from the start. Be prepared and professional. You only get one first impression! We’ll give you tips for initial contacts either by phone or in person.

Chapter 9– Preparing and Submitting Proposals and Contracts:
Many clients will request a formal written proposal outlining the expectations of both you and your client. Generally, these are requested by larger firms or partnerships, hospitals, nursing homes and government agencies. Included in the proposal should also be a copy of your annual maintenance contract for the on-going aquarium maintenance to follow the initial installation. We also offer a program whereby aquarium set-ups can be rented and/or leased which involves a separate specific contract to protect your equipment investment while in the possession of your client.

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